Deleted Answers From My Interview At Twitter

Photo captured by the talented Mark Frias of Student Life Network. Click to see more of his work.

Photo captured by the talented Mark Frias of Student Life Network. Click to see more of his work.

The following is more specific to getting hired at Twitter than the universally applicable career advice you’ll find in my SLN interview version.

This is an interview with Justin Vandenberg, Twitter’s Canadian Account Executive. Interview time was 47 minutes. The transcription was close to 5,000 words. Some soundbites just didn’t make it into the SLN interview, so here are the outtakes.

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FI Director Kamal Hassan On Mistakes, Once-In-A-Lifetime Chances, & Why Not To Start A Company

Kamal and his wife, Ilona.

Kamal and his wife, Ilona.

Our previous interview was with a startup founder named Harry, who dropped out of school to grow Medella Health. It’s fitting that Kamal’s story follows, because he’s a reminder staying in school isn’t poison to success. Kamal graduated top of his class at INSEAD (international school for business) and near top of his class at Queen’s (Engineering Physics). Continue reading

Medella Health CEO Harry Gandhi on Leaving University And Not Taking Advice On Face Value

DSC_0973Harry Gandhi is the CEO of Medella Health, the Waterloo tech startup whose vision is to create a contact lens that helps diabetics manage their glucose levels. Harry is an ex-UWaterloo student (now Thiel Fellow) who dropped out before finishing his degree to put 100% into Medella Health. The company recently closed a $1.4M funding round. When I asked Harry to elaborate on that, all he said was, “yeah, something like that.”  Continue reading

Angel Investor Lally Rementilla On Corporate Sports Culture, Women in Business, & Adding Value

DSC_0959I met Lally through a mutual connection. She was introduced to me as the co-founder of The Gal’s Got Game, an awesome daily email blast that keeps busy women up-to-date on key sports news. I soon learned Lally has even more up her sleeve: she is the founder of Coco Capital (which focuses on investing in female entrepreneurs) and current CFO of Quantius (a commercial lender). Lally’s track record also includes a VP Finance role at Lavalife (she helped sell the company twice) and Nulogy.  Continue reading

Startup Canada’s CEO Victoria Lennox on Hustle, Success & What She Learned From Her First Job

Victoria Lennox Headshot - Recent (1)
Victoria Lennox
is the upbeat and extremely kind CEO of Startup Canada. This is an organization which works tirelessly to make ours a more entrepreneurial country, from a policy and culture perspective. Keep in mind Victoria co-founded Startup Canada fewer than five years ago, and put into context, it is a household name for everyone involved in the Canadian entrepreneurship community. Continue reading