Ways To Beat Nagging Anxiety This Fall (In Pictures)

12179951_10206318023823927_295330385_nI’ve been having an anxious day, so it felt natural to draw from how I felt and turn it into a positive for you. Plus, you guys loved my last post about nipping conversation anxiety in the bud and this is along the same lines. My anxiety started in the morning and made a home for itself in my chest, hungry to take up more space as the day progressed. Have you ever been there?

I’m saying this to you guys now so you know it’s normal to feel off on certain days. It’s truly an ok thing. Everything on this Earth moves in cycles anyway, and change is the only constant, so it’s ridiculous to expect to wake up with a  sense of “the world is mine for the taking” every morning (you know the one). But here’s a list of things I do to make sure at the end of the day that there are silver linings to light my night. You know, to give the next day a clean start.

In no particular order, here They Are:

Make something good to eat, and take your sweet time doing it


Sushi bowls!


Go for a nice, long hike


Waterloo Park (if you’re in the area) and G Ross Lord Park (Toronto) are my favourites!


drink something non-caffeinated (or only slightly caffeinated)


When I’m in a certain mood, coffee only makes me more anxious so I opt for cozy tea. Other days coffee makes me happier. I guess it depends on my body’s starting chemistry – is there science to back this up?

look outside and take in how amazing the sky is


Drown Your Problems in busy


have a meal with mom

12178971_10206318034664198_515120132_n 12179112_10206318034824202_1302421036_n

Read empowering quotes

12178069_10206318024303939_627375910_n 12178143_10206318025503969_207026563_n

smile! It’s never too soon to start.


Remember, success isn’t about having your sh*t together every second of every day. It’s about owning what you’ve got and rocking it like its nobody’s business. So go turn your rainy day into a splash-in-the-puddles day!

What’s your go-to pick-me-up? 🙂

Lots of love,


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