meetdananotxtSuccess in my mind is ever-evolving. And it isn’t just earned, it’s fought tooth and nail for. So, where does TXC come in?

I’ve done everything under the sun: blogged, babysat, worked service, food and retail, made artsy vases, tutored, and organized [and ripped my hair out over] more school events than I can count.

My favourite thing in all of it was when I reached the goals I set. You know, succeeded. But with so many goals and fleeting feelings of achievement I realized I don’t know what success is in the grand scheme of things.

The X Class is an extension of that. It’s an exploration of success. What it means, looks like, feels like. How to pursue it, what to do, dilemmas of that nature. And not just from one perspective.

So Dana, what is 100 Cups of Coffee?

Glad you asked. It’s the space of TXC where I shut up and listen instead of blogging incessantly. Where I sit down with the already-successful/becoming-successful/experts over a cup of coffee and ask about their experience. So that we can learn from our community 🙂

And what do you write about?

In short, success. At length, everything it entails. There are elements of balance (I’m borrowing that from one of my favourite bloggers, Lauryn), fun, love, friendship, hustle, confidence, and so much more. I try to write from experience, both good and bad, to offer you my two cents on how to set yourself up for success, whatever your definition of it may be. Not that I’m an expert by any means, I just want to be your supportive friend on your journey to success. It’s always more fun when you have company, right?

How do I reach you? I want to suggest someone for 100CoC/chat?

I love that. Shoot me a line and we’ll talk success, interviews, and anything else you want to get off your shoulders. Hope I can help 🙂

6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. April Du says:

    Hi Dana, that
    “we’ve already hired – sorry, interviewed – the other candidate.” is classic. In most cases, the interviewers have already had someone in their mind. The interviewing process is just a formality that they have to go through. After so many interviews (sometimes to the final step after phone, HR, face to face, case study, etc.) eventually I realized that I didn’t have a chance even before I went.

    My favourite thing too, by far, was to work for myself. And I totally agree with you “entrepreneurship isn’t always a walk in the park”. Some days I feel like I am starving artist/musician (before becoming famous and wonder if I will even become famous)

    Thank for sharing the story. It’s good to know that we are not alone

    • dana.iskoldski@yahoo.com says:

      Hey April, thanks for reaching out! Doesn’t it suck that everyone’s time had to be wasted because they had to go through formalities? In response to your starving artist thing – completely, 100% true. It’s why I’m waiting tables for now 😉

  2. Samiya Hirji says:

    Hey Dana, I’m a 3rd yr EB student and I think the 100 cups of coffee you’re doing is awesome. I’m so glad you popped up on my Facebook + Instagram. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • dana.iskoldski@yahoo.com says:

      Hey Samiya! Thank you so much for your kind words – I’m SO glad you reached out :’) I hope you’re doing well? [This is where you tell me a bit about yourself so we can get to know each other!]

  3. Samiya Hirji says:

    I’m doing really well, nearing the end of my second co-op term. I’m off to Vancouver for the holidays next week! #superexcited!!
    Let’s see what can I tell you about myself? 😛 Well, I was born and raised in Kenya and I’ve lived in Canada for 2.5 years. I moved here for University. I think EB is an awesome program, but I can easily point out key aspects that are missing (you’ll understand after a couple of co-op terms). I’m passionate about sustainability from a business strategy side of things.

    Ok – your turn! 🙂

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