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We (the Waterloo Environment & Business Society) just put together the most awesome student-run conference with the most awesome guest panelists. You can read my cover of the conference on the University of Waterloo’s website here. [Sidebar: it’s THE best feeling, having your work up somewhere official.]

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Jim Burpee and I, discussing capital turnover rates. Well, him teaching me about them.

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Julie Desjardins, talking about how there’s value in focusing your energy on just one thing. She’s brilliant.







a 10-second recap, since 90% of us didn’t read THE summary:

This was a conference exploring the future of sustainable development in Canada. It featured a moderated panel with guests Julie Desjardins, Jim Burpee, Susan McGeachie and Dr Blair Feltmate. They encouraged a refreshingly honest discussion of current sustainability trends, and offered extremely sage advice concerning the pursuit of environmental stewardship. It was also an amazing networking opportunity.

Takeaway lessons:

“Pick some thing and do it” -Julie Desjardins

Throughout the conference Julie was really big on focus. She said nobody has to be a saint, but as long as you’ve picked one thing that you’re working towards then you’ll be alright. Basically, whatever you do, don’t spread yourself too thin.

“If you want to see a problem, look in the mirror” -Jim Burpee

Cliche? I disagree. Jim hit the nail on the head with this one when he was talking about things we can do to improve the sustainability of our economy. Start with yourself, dammit, and let the rest take care of itself.

“If you make it easy for people to jump on board, they’ll jump on board” -Susan McGeachie

Susan was a huge advocate for leadership throughout the conversation. Her whole message was that it only takes a few people to start a movement, because everyone else is just waiting for a cause to support. So, believe in yourself. It only takes one.

Hope you learned something from my adventure! All the best,


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