100 Cups of Coffee: A Talk On Creativity, Personal Brand & Burnout With Geoff Malleck


He’s taught more than 10,000 university students over the years, the thought of which alone is enough to make me pause. But Geoff is more than that. He’s more than a professor, marketing expert, business strategist, mentor. If you’ve ever sat in on one of his classes you’ll know he speaks with the guiding, inspirationally nudging voice of your favourite uncle. He’s been through it all – the good and the bad – and he’s not afraid to talk about it. So, without further ado, enjoy Geoff’s talk on creativity (he’s big on fostering that in the workplace for success), enhancing your personal brand (because today, when we’re so competitive, it’s the essence of you that makes all the difference) and burnout. We don’t get to burnout until the very end of the conversation but what Geoff tells us about his experience is probably the most honest and helpful thing you’ll have heard in a long time.

So, download the talk and listen to it on your commute in the morning. Or turn it on while you cook a meal; that’s my favourite way to take a podcast. And then share this talk with that friend who would so obviously enjoy it, because it’s no fun knowing things and not sharing. To paraphrase one of my all-time favourite teachers, “knowledge isn’t power, the sharing of it is.”

Also, if you guys can do me the huge service because this podcast thing is new to me and it would be nice to see this reach people, like and comment on it? If there’s a soundbite you like, comment it right into the podcast like I’ve done and it’ll show up for others as a collectively-made map of where the awesome in this conversation is (hint: by the end every second of it will be commented on).

Lots of love, and thanks to Geoff for sharing. He truly is an incredible, inspirational mentor.

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