How to Invite Luck Into Your Life


A bit over a week ago I was contacted by a representative of Market Inspector. They’re a UK-based company that you can check out here. I was asked to help promote their Best UK Blogger awards, and saw something pretty peculiar in their post.

There was one thing each of MI’s winning bloggers said in their post-win interviews. When asked their tips for success, just about every one of them recommended for their audience to “get out there” and “network”.

Every job is inherently people-oriented, no matter whether it comes across that way or not. We just don’t live in self-sufficient bubbles. And building on Monday’s 100 Cups of Coffee interview, these bloggers helped prove that collaboration (throwback to the TEDxUW theme) is at the heart of so many great successes. Apple wasn’t built by just Steve Jobs, nor Facebook by Zuckerberg.

I would argue that whether the value of cultivating relationships is realized instantly or not doesn’t matter. Friendships you nurture may not play a part in helping you land a dream job (like, ever) but they’re never a waste of time. There’s happiness and companionship and life experience value in connecting with people.

So let’s never close ourselves off from opportunities. Let’s not choose Netflix over spending time on people [too often]. Let’s get out there and make impressions, and not in the social media metrics sense; that’s how we’re going to invite luck and goodwill into our lives. Even my modest amount of personal experience has proven this to be true. For example, every time I go out (whether that be to parties, industry events, school clubs) I meet people I want to interview for 100 Cups of Coffee, people I learn from and people who are awesome. Don’t you? Share your take in the comments section!



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