Moving To Montreal

I woke up with a splitting headache from the night before. We hadn’t been drinking, but waking up at 6AM after a night with friends which ended only three hours earlier isn’t exactly fun. When you have a train to catch, you do what you have to do.

As promised, I’m explaining myself because my recent “Goodbye Toronto” Instagram post isn’t exactly enough. I’m moving to Montreal because I’ve been invited to intern with a pretty cool company. You’ll understand why I can’t tell you exactly where I’m working, but I will say I’m doing work in the realms of marketing and event planning. Those of you who know me from my high school student council adventures know that this is extremely up my alley.

When you’re offered an amazing opportunity, you take it.

And if the opportunity happens to take you to a different province, well, you dust off your copy of Le Petit Prince and you pack your bags. Simple as that.

Except it’s not all simple. It sounds like a fun and fabulous thing to move for a job – and I’m not saying it isn’t – but I’ve spent the past few weeks obsessing over what to take with me and what to leave, and it’s triggered a new perspective on the whole ordeal for me.

Among the items in my list of “leave behinds” are:


Us during the last days

my loving boyfriend (not that we broke up but we now qualify as long distance), my single mother, friends, and my cat. And although my cat probably sighs with relief at my absence, and it’s all only temporary, and between Toronto and Montreal it’s really no distance at all, I feel like I’m in for a learning of a lifetime that may involve a healthy mix of good and bad.

Good luck girls!

Good luck girls!

To all my friends who have moved away for work at some point in their lives, and to all the friends lucky enough to stay near home for now (it really does have its perks), I want to wish you the best of things. The best luck, happiness, health. The best friendships, relationships, and dreams. With the new year we can make for ourselves and of ourselves whatever we want. Whether you’re in Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, Waterloo, make the most of it.

Notes: I’ll be posting a new interview either this week or the one after for you guys. And trying to make a video about Montreal. Somehow. Until then, kick ALL the butt guys.

Questions: Would it be worthwhile for me to make a post about how to pack up and move for work?

Lots of love,


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