100 Cups of Coffee: Neil Craik on Law, Lifestyle & Dealing With People


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Known for making [dark-humored] comments in lectures, sharing entertaining when-I-was-a-lawyer stories, and giving shout-outs to the Jays, Neil Craik is everybody’s favourite law professor. A former lawyer, now director of SEED, an academic and senior fellow, Neil sat down with us to talk about a few things: what he’s up to these days, what law school and lawyering is like, why he quit (the question on everybody’s minds), how to lead people, and how to solve conflicts (you know, because that’s what lawyers do).

The value of this podcast isn’t some radical new way of thought. In law (at least from what I understand) a lot of issues are solved based on reasonableness, and using common sense and directed creativity. And Neil’s advice is in line with that. If you take anything away with you it’s that if you can look at the world in a certain, reasonable way, things are actually quite simple. Enjoy!

All the best to you guys, and once more, thank you to Neil for chatting with us!  Another cup of coffee down, a bunch more to go.


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