The Ultimate Student LinkedIn Guide ft. Perry Monaco


Everything – and everyone – is on some level connected. That’s the premise of LinkedIn. And knowing that we’re all within just a few degrees of separation from any potential employer, how can we use the platform to help grow our career?

Perry is our guy to decode that. He is a customer success leader for LinkedIn’s North and South American clients, which means he helps big brands leverage the platform to get that best talent match. He’s about to help us reverse engineer that match. Read on.

Your Ultimate GUIDE



 the man behind the advice

Perry Monaco: Marathoner. Dad. Likes his espresso double.


You studied history in university (go mustangs!). What did that degree give you that a tech undergrad may not have? 

PM: Part of my role requires not only reporting on data, but also explaining why it is what it is — so adding colour to the numbers. That’s a little bit easier for me to do because I have the ability to write in language that flows and makes sense. That’s because my history degree taught me to be able to take what I’m thinking and convert that into a very thoughtfully crafted written word.

How do you deal with the statistics-based portion of your work then?

PM: One of the biggest gaps I’ve had throughout my entire career is that I’m not an analytical, data-driven person. I’ve been able to identify that as a gap, and it’s something I’ve had to go back to school for. Like taking Excel classes, and having to work harder at the data part of my job than some of colleagues do.

So it’s ok not to have it all?

PM: Not everyone on a team will have the same skill set, nor should they. Just because somebody can’t play a certain position doesn’t mean they’re not good, it just means they’re specialized in their role.


You’re incredibly busy. How do you do everything?

PM: For me it’s about waking up and having a clear understanding of what today’s going to look like. And trying. It’s also about lists. I write things down either digitally or by hand, and I get satisfaction out of crossing things off of my list. That’s how I look at my day and how I prioritize.

Any apps to help with that?

PM: Evernote, and then I’ll use notepad on my devices. Nothing high-tech or crazy. I also recommend students use the LinkedIn app for students, it’s really valuable.

Biggest screw-up moment?

PM: At times I may have been a little itchy to press the send button when it came to an email. My biggest piece of advice when it comes to sending emails is to take a deep breath before you send.

One trick that I’ve come up with, when I need that satisfaction of sending an email the way I want to send it, is to find someone who is in my safe zone and send them the email. That gives me the opportunity to send my piece, but I don’t actually put myself in a position where I am having to defend the tone of my email. And then I go ahead and rework it and send it in a more professional matter. It’s not that I’m cursing or being disrespectful, but sometimes it’s the tone that isn’t the most appropriate thing

What does success mean to you?

PM: I’ll use a running analogy: crossing the finish line of a marathon brings a feeling of great accomplishment, but what’s even more amazing is when you look back at the 16 weeks of training you put in. Success, to me, is being able to accomplish a goal and being able to reflect on the work that went into actually achieving that goal. It’s not just crossing the finish line, it’s about recognizing there was a lot of work that went into getting to that point where you could even put yourself in the position of crossing the finish line.

Favourite Elvis song?

PM: I have two. The first song at my wedding was Can’t Help Falling In Love, but my overall favourite song is a really cheesy pop song called Return to Sender.

Follow perry on Twitter @elvisrun. Get it?

That’s all, folks

I hope you learned something. Thank you Perry for making time for me and giving me an awesome tour of your office. Your kindness won’t be forgotten. Teresa, thank you for having supported The X Class as much as you have.


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