Reason I Will Always Follow Up On Emails


Let me tell you what happened with the marketing company CEO from last week that I reached out to. I went into the meeting entirely prepared (you know this if you read my previous post), and it ended with him saying “email me your availability and I’ll set up a writing test.”

Almost a week passed and I still hadn’t heard from him. A younger version of myself would have left it at that, assuming the guy didn’t want to work with me. But a few things over the past few years have definitively taught me to do the opposite. So I called him up to check in, and wrote the test later that afternoon. Bam.

We’ve all had that potential job lead not get back to us, someone we’ve reached out to not reply, or a professor not answer our important assignment question. Fact: the reason we didn’t get a response is probably trivial. The email was buried under a million others, misfiled, our recipient forgot, or their spam filter cut us out. The chance our recipient didn’t want to respond is much lower than insecurity wants us to think. So there’s nothing wrong or annoying about following up (appropriately), because it gets the job done more often than not.

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