100 Cups of Coffee: Founder of Knote Talks Startups, Tech & Friendship


He’s not just the founder of a brilliant tech startup, he’s in a double degree program at the universities of Waterloo AND Wilfrid Laurier for computer science and business. His app, Knote, revolutionizes the process of note-reviewing by automating the way we highlight, condense and compile our content. And it’s not just used by students; senior VPs at Fortune 500 companies, professors, research assistants, this little tool is in everybody’s arsenal. My suggestion: use this once you’ve typed up the precious lecture notes I taught you guys to write, to really kick exams in the behind. Seriously. The app helps you make flip cards, charts, and soon, practice tests. How cool is that?

Before we get into it, there’s something you need to know. The format of this interview is going to revolutionize the way you enjoy 100 Cups of Coffee. There’s [practically] nothing to read this time, to squint at or be stuck at a desk for because 100 Cups of Coffee has gone PODCAST. That’s right. No more being stuck to a screen. No more reading long paragraphs. Yes to more conversation. Yes to taking the talk wherever you go. Yes to enjoying a cup of coffee with 100 Cups of Coffee.

This is the most awesome thing to happen to The X Class since the segment began. I’m peeing myself with excitement at how incredible this is, and how happy I am to bring this to you. And at how much more fun it will be! So, in summary, you can now find The X Class on Soundcloud. Dana is with the times.


Ron’s Twitter | Knote’s Website | Knote’s Facebook | The X Class Soundcloud

More about Dana’s restaurant industry experience here.

conversation outtakes:

“Do not listen to this, professors.”

“In the age where knowledge is available anyway, how are you going to stand out?”

“Number one is having support and people who believe in you. People who will be there in the darkest moments and the brightest moments.”

“Success isn’t a one-person thing. It’s a community of things like health, financial, family, friends and reaching goals.”

“Having the nicest car [is great] but if you don’t have anybody sitting next to you, it’s worthless.”

“I think the next big thing will be something that connects people. Like Uber does. It won’t be a service or a good, it will be a platform.”

“It takes a community to raise [a startup].”

“When I was little I thought ‘I’m going to work for some great big company when I’m older. But the more I grow up the more I think I want to do my own thing.”

“I definitely remember how I felt. I went out and I bought my first ever bottle of champagne.”

“If entrepreneurship is something you aspire to do, definitely dip your toes in it. It’s easier when you’re younger.”

“When I was in high school I used to go door to door and sell the most ridiculous things after school. Mark Cuban did the same thing.”

“The essence of entrepreneurship is not doing something on your own, it might be collaborating with others. We’re all a community after all.”

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There you have it, folks. It’s actually 11 coffees down, 89 left to go. If you liked the podcast, follow The X Class on Soundcloud and comment below what you thought of the episode!


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