Ted Talk Tuesday: Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Advice For Overcoming Fear

At the space station, astronauts are drilled thousands of times to prepare them for catastrophe. If your partner is incapacitated, if a parachute doesn’t deploy when you re-enter the atmosphere, that’s the kind of stuff they go through. So when Chris went blind while on a space walk, he wasn’t scared.

He’s a huge believer in doing what you’re afraid of. Of taking what makes you scared and doing it a hundred times. Chris, in his talk, uses the example of walking through a spider web to drive his point home, saying that if you deliberately walk through as many webs as you can find (making sure there aren’t any spiders in them) you will have fundamentally changed the fear you have associated with them. You’ll stop freaking out over the potential, remote danger of being fatally bitten and see the real (minimal) risk involved with the activity. Because fear is what holds us back from experiencing beautiful and great things. From seeing the “jaw-dropping gorgeousness” of our world, as he puts it.

So now I dare you to apply this to an aspect of your life. Do something today that scares you. It probably sounds beyond cheesy but, seriously, it’s not like you’ll be stranded blind in space if you fail. So just take a shot at something new.

What was your favourite part of the Ted Talk?

P.S. Don’t miss the song Chris plays at the end, it’s quite beautiful :’)

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2 thoughts on “Ted Talk Tuesday: Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Advice For Overcoming Fear

  1. Krista Williams says:

    Hi Dana!

    I just found your blog and I’m so happy to see things like TED talk Tuesday! I love that you talk about real topics, and interesting things.

    I always get a bit lost with TED talks because there is so many, and I’m glad I can check to see which you love!

    Have a great weekend.



    • dana.iskoldski@yahoo.com says:

      Krista I’m happy you’re happy! Once I start watching these I can’t stop. I’ll check our your blog but in the meantime enjoy! Xoxo

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