Ted Talk Tuesday: How To Avoid Stress + Major TED Announcement

Guys, I absolutely loved this talk. He talks about looking ahead to figure out things that could go wrong (as all anxious, obsessive people do) and then setting yourself up for success. For example, keep things you’ll lose easily around the house – like keys – in one place always. But then he goes further, explaining how to take the stress out of making financial decisions, medical decisions, important choices. Basically his aim is to arm us with pre-planning skills so that when we do get stressed we’re not at a disadvantage, and he does it in a very real and helpful way. There are underlying similarities between this talk and Chris Hadfield’s on fear, and both are valuable in their own right. A definite must-see.

My huge announcement:

I’ve been invited as a delegate for TEDXUW! So in a few weeks you won’t just be getting a regular T3 post, you’ll have photos and commentary from my live experience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.39.44 PM

I’m planning on making a big deal out of this and involving you guys as much as possible in my experience. If anyone has suggestions, comment them below because I’m open to your input!

Lots of love,


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