Ted Talk Tuesday: One More Reason To Take That Nap Right Now


As if we didn’t know sleep was important. But according to Jeff Iliff, here’s something else to consider: our brains work differently than any other part of our body, specifically when dealing with waste products. Where our lymphatic systems continuously take care of bodily gunk, our brains are different. They wait until we’re asleep to do it. Cerebral Spinal Fluid (that clear stuff our brain is encased in) then starts to wash through our brains and take away waste. So skimping on sleep can affect the amount of gunk still left in your head, because the process takes too much effort to be able to manage in tandem with morning stop-and-go traffic. This is a one thing at a time deal.

The study Jeff Iliff conducted had to do with a certain waste protein in the brain that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. The more of this protein you have in your brain, the more aggravated your brain becomes and that’s what enables (at least partially) Alzheimer’s. “The failure of the brain to keep its house clean may contribute to the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s,” he said. And we don’t want that.

What’s your favourite Ted Talk that you’ve seen recently?

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