Ted Talk Tuesday: You Need To Make Mistakes To Learn


I’ve been talking about education with 100 Cups Of Coffee’s newest guest (the immensely amazing interview with a twist that you’ll LOVE next week) and we got to questioning why we go to university. Because in an age where information is available to us over the internet, what’s the real value of school? How do you stand out in the world if knowledge doesn’t cut it?

Then I saw this video. Diana Laufenberg is a teacher and has been for a really long time (though she didn’t say how long – but that’s understandable, no woman wants to date herself). She talked about how the role of school shouldn’t be to give kids information anymore. And how we can’t shove multiple choice questions down students’ throats in the name of education. She asked how to get students to come to school when they don’t need to attend to simply gain knowledge.

What I love about the talk is that Diana then went on to explain a huge flaw in the education system; that telling kids to never be wrong, to always have the right answer, and putting that “right answer” on a pedestal impedes real learning. That, in fact, we should let students make mistakes because failure is instructional.

My greatest failure was actually two things (that are fairly recent). The first is starting the first blog that I did (shoutout to anybody remembers the “vieamonavis” days, because as cringe-worthy as I remember them to be I learned a lot of what not to do) and not getting that job I so badly wanted. Because everything turned out for the best anyway but I took away a lot of useful things.

So, tell me, what’s been your best mistake?

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