What We Can Learn from the Startup World

13214530_10207668449943736_842585190_oI was getting my taxes done with my family’s accountant a few weeks ago, and I asked her about how to accurately keep records related to my side-hustle (freelance writing). Talking about what I do turned out to be an awesome move, because my accountant’s husband was coincidentally looking to hire a writer. 

So I shot the accountant a message later on and was told to drop in to meet her husband. I gave the guy a call to schedule a meeting (called at 9:30 am) and was told to come in at 11:00 am. Fast.

Let’s jump to the startup thing for a second, because I spent time immersed in the startup community this winter and learned a couple things. The first is to always have a pitch deck ready to go.  A pitch deck is a short presentation outlining your startup’s business plan, and is akin to a resume for job seekers. It’s what potential investors ask for when they’re intrigued. And, in both cases, you want to have one ready to send off in a moment’s notice.

The second is to “always be selling”. Sell as many people as you can on your business, as far as it is appropriate. You never know where – or who – your next cash infusion will come from. And it’s the same with employment.

Long story short, I had an up-to-date resume ready to print and head out the door for my impromptu meeting. And had I not talked about what I do, I never would have had the chance to pitch myself in the first place. So, friends, always be prepared. And never stop selling.

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