What Will You Get Away With? (Motivation Coming at You)


My friend Sarthak says the most outrageous things. And the guy is wildly popular for it. Why?

Because he dares to.

There are a lot of things we’re afraid to do. Like reach out to a local coffee shop, to see if they want some coverage for their upcoming workshop. [If you don’t follow The X Class on Facebook you would have missed this announcement. Fix that ASAP.]

But in all seriousness, who says you can’t start a business of your own? You don’t have to create the next Uber to be successful. And what about starting an awesome Instagram or YouTube account? More likely than not you’ll find opportunities you never would have otherwise.

On that note, congrats to my friend Michelle on starting a Toronto-based Instagram account, about her adventures as a stand-up paddle board (SUP) instructor; that’s how you land clients. Congrats to Aaron for having started a vintage watch business, that’s how you establish a name for yourself. And Rosalie for starting a YouTube channel, she’s making a splash among her viewers. And John on continuing to make awesome beats, that’s how you pump people up. I’m probably only covering 10% of the awesome things you guys are doing. If you know someone who deserves props, comment their details below.

The point is, you will never know how wildly successful you can become until you do the unconventional, risky, or whatever else you call the things that put you outside your comfort zone. Was I nervous hopping on a call with Settlement Co.‘s founder this morning to pitch The X Class? The answer is irrelevant. Do what you want to do and forget convention.

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