You just got an awesome performance review… Now what?

Are you guaranteed to be a rockstar at the next place? 

Will your company be just as happy with you at the next evaluation? 

What if you just got lucky with your boss?

All these questions plague you if you’re hungry. You know for what.

So what do you do about this delicately powerful, positive performance review?

  1. You smile. This is an awesome thing. You deserve to be happy.
  2. You say thank you for the kind words. Because you know how to take a compliment.
  3. You contain your feelings of gratitude. After all, you did earn the kind words. Nobody did you any favours by recognizing you for it.
  4. You don’t let it go to your head. You know this review is no absolute, forever-ticket to [insert your goals here].
  5. You find out how you can improve. If your manager says you can’t do anything better, you ask if there’s anything they would have done differently in xyz scenario. Anything to start the conversation.
  6. You take inventory of all the circumstances that helped you achieve success in your role. The supportive team who you absolutely click with, the awesome office culture, the budget you’re allocated.
  7. You ground yourself by recognizing that you may not always have all the factors from Step 6.
  8. You keep it business as usual. You work as hard as you did before, if not harder. You show just as much humility (remember Step 4?).

Work isn’t like school. You know you can’t ride the wave of your performance reviews forever, even if it seems like such a sweet win. Ultimately, it helps to remember that a performance review is just like somebody’s impression of you—it needs to be maintained with hard work and humility.

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